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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline                          1.800.273.8255

Youth Link                                                                    1.800.749.2673

Shadows of Light                                                          1.504.485.0147

STD and AID Hotline                                                   1.800.227.8922

National Assoc. of Anorexia Nervosa                          1.847.831.3438

         & Associated Disorders

National Domestic Violence                                         1.800.799.7233


National Runaway Switchboard                                 1.800.621.4000


National STD Information                                           1.919.361.8400


National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline                      1.866.331.9474

Anonymously Report Underage Drinking                 1.877.668.2421

Pregnancy Hotline                                                        1.800.848.5683

RAINN-Rape Crisis Center                                         1.225.383.7273

Survivors of Suicide Support Group- A non-denominational support group meets every 1st and 3rd Monday at 6 pm at Saint Albert Student Center.

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