STA Robotics


“Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)”.

In today's world, these four words are often used by a wide variety of leaders: from education activists to government officials to business leaders.

So, why are all these people talking about STEM?

They are looking for and attempting to create the next generation of cutting-edge, highly skilled, American workersconcentrated on these four fields.

The Saint Thomas Aquinas Robotics Club is focused on attempting to solve the very same challenge: inspiring young potential engineers and designers to pursue careers in the STEM fields.


The Saint Thomas Aquinas Robotics Club was founded in 2012 with the original intent of expanding the science and technology enrichment programs at our school.

Our goal is to expand the original focus of our club and begin to contribute more to the general community.

From encouraging students to participate in the prestigious BEST Robotics Competition to offering college credit Robotics courses,our team inspires students to pursue STEM careers and engage in the community.

Currently, our Robotics team has over 20 members, all bringing different talents to the table. Filled with diverse students, we embrace the values of teamwork and cooperation and ingrain those ideals into our members.