20th edition of Pentrails published online
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20th edition of Pentrails published online

The 2014 edition of Pentrails: A Magazine of the Arts celebrates its 20th year! Since 1994, STA students have been contributing both artwork and literature to this magazine. “Those of us who work on Pentrails today are proud to stand in the tradition of those who have gone before us,” said Alexandra Burris, Faculty Pentrails Coordinator.

             A new twist to this year’s Pentrails is that the magazine has gone digital on the STA website. Additionally, we are working on posting several past issues of Pentrails on the website over the summer to mark the 20th year. Our hope is that alumni contributors will enjoy seeing the literary and artistic entries of previous years. In many ways, Pentrails is truly the work of our hands as a community, past and present and we hope that you enjoy the new as well as old editions. 

Pentrails can be found on the home page of the website by clicking the Pentrails graphic.  

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