Falcon Alumni Issue Challenge to Students
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Falcon Alumni Issue Challenge to Students

The Falcon Alumni Association has taken the Ice Water Challenge and put their own spin on it.  They have challenged the student body to raise $2000, which they will match, to fund equipment for the new science labs, as well as a student scholarship.  Watch the Challenge on You Tube with this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egPqsblQMX8&list=UU6ZHAQHlpOLp9GAtxz_ylKQ.


As you can see, the "reward" to the students increases as they reach different levels of giving.  

  • At $400 level, ice water will be dumped by the freshmen Student Council members onto Mrs. Irby and Dr. Lundberg.
  • At the $800 level, Ms. Butler and Mr. Holley will be the recipients of the ice water dump.
  • If $1200 is raised, Coach Flanagan and Mrs. Bates will get an even larger amount of ice water dumped on them.
  • Mrs. Campo and Mr. O'Neill have graciously agreed to get wet for $1600.
  • And the big winner is Dean of Students Mr. Jackson.  For $2000 or more, a front end loader of ice water will be dumped on him.

This is a progressive challenge, so there is the potential that all nine of these teachers could be wet!  All money must be collected by 2pm on September 12th.  There is a pep rally scheduled for that afternoon to reveal the "winners."

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