Grandparent's Day Breakfast Packed!
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Grandparent's Day Breakfast Packed!

STA's annual Grandparent's Day was once again a raging success!  More than 460 grandparents gathered with their grandchildren for a morning of prayer, breakfast, and treasured time together.  "I am so grateful for this time," said senior Laikyn Lauderdale.  "When you are a freshman you just take all this for granted, but now as a senior, I realize this is my last Grandparent's Day. I'm going off to college in six months and I won't be able to see my grandparents just any time I want.  We are so fortunate that STA gives us this opportunity!"  

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Photo ID:  Jane Lauderdale and Margie Foster enjoy the morning with their granddaughter, senior Laikyn Lauderdale, at the 2014 Grandparent's Day Breakfast!

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