STA Broadcasting Goes LIVE with Morning Announcements
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STA Broadcasting Goes LIVE with Morning Announcements

"We're going live in :30"

"Quiet on the set"

"In 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1..."

Those were the words of a nervous group of Broadcasting I and II students this morning as, after 3 weeks of training and practicing, the Morning Announcements went "live".

Student Council President Nancy Donnes and Vice President Jacob Deliberto moved their morning prayer, pledge, and announcements routine from the intercom in the Principal's Office to the Nortech Studios of the Broadcasting class Media Center. "I was really nervous at first," said Donnes, "but once the music started, it all started flowing and it was over before we knew it. I think this is going to be so much better than just listening to announcements over the intercom; if for nothing else, because our friends will be watching for us to mess up!" 

STA was fortunate to be the recipient of an old news set from WBRZ-TV in Baton Rouge, lending a legitimate visual to the scene. The Broadcasting students are split into two groups which will rotate the morning studio and control room duties, such as camera operators, switchers, and audio controllers.  The class is team-taught by Mr. Joshua Wittie and Ms. Michelle Chauvin.


As STA technology director, Wittie brings a wealth of experience to the equipment and editing side of the team. "This morning was as exciting to us as it was to the kids," said Wittie. "and it's only the beginning!  We are fortunate to have some impressive, high-quality equipment to work with and will be engaging in several projects with this class."


The next project will be expanding into a weekly newscast on the Falcon News Network, drawing on Chauvin's nearly 25 years of media experience. "I spent several years in the '90s working during the newscasts at WBRZ and although the technology has certainly changed in that time, the studio part was like riding a bike," she said. "Television and video production have always been one of my favorite parts of the years I have spent in advertising and public relations. If I can ignite a similar passion in just one of these kids and see them make a career out of it, I consider it a success."


Photo 1:  STA Student Council President Nancy Donnes and Vice President Jacob Deliberto on the set for the first "live" video broadcast of the morning announcements.


Photo 2:  PE students gather in the Commons for morning announcements before class.

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