STA hosts career day
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STA hosts career day

STA recently hosted a Career Day for its students. Ambassadors, faculty, and staff welcomed over 30 guest speakers including alumni, parents, and community members to share their professional experiences.  Students selected three careers from the following list: accountant, artist, athletic trainer, biologist, business management, business owner, chiropractor, civil engineer, computer science, criminal justice, dentist, dermatologist, doctor, firefighter, lawyer, medical research, nurse, online news, pharmacist, physical therapist, pilot, psychologist, real estate, teacher, veterinarian, and wildlife and fisheries.
During the sessions, speakers discussed the education needed for the profession, colleges that offer specific programs, various places of employment, daily job duties, and personal journeys into the profession.  The students also were able to ask questions throughout the sessions.  Following the sessions, Bonnie Thibodaux, creator of T and Toast Professional Consulting, engaged students in a presentation about how to determine the right career path.  Senior Catherine Costa said, “I enjoyed career day very much! I was able to talk to someone who was in the field I wanted to be  in. I received information on the career I wanted to have and what it would take to accomplish it.”  Freshman Emily Owens commented, “Career Day really opened my eyes that you first need to follow your dreams and second love what you do, so you will never work a day in your life.”
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