STArlettes on ESPN
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STArlettes on ESPN

ESPN premiered their highlight show from the National Dance Team Competition this weekend.  The STArlettes from St. Thomas Aquinas were featured during the Small Varsity Hip Hop division. The team was ranked third in the nation in the division.

This is the tenth year the STArlettes have competed nationally and for eight of those years have placed in the top five in hip hop.  "You just cannot imagine how it feels to be on a team that has worked so hard, and been rewarded for that work with a top national ranking," said captain Brooke Downing. "We not only got that unbelievable thrill, and accomplished the goal that we set as a team, but we represented St. Thomas Aquinas, and the city of Hammond, and showed America what we can do. We compete against schools that have a thousand students and the cream of the crop on their teams.  We have 390 students in Hammond, Louisiana and we are the top 3 in America!  You can't beat that feeling!"

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