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Athletic Documents

LHSAA Athletic Participation / Parental Permission Form

LHSAA Substance Abuse / Misuse Contract & Consent Form

LHSAA Medical History Form

Parental Consent for Treatment by Athletic Trainer / Coaches

Falcon Athletic Banner Program

With the passing of each day, we are getting closer to the start of another school year and the beginning of another season of our Athletic Banner program. As many of you know, STA Athletic teams are financially self-sufficient and are not part of the STA operating budget. Our teams rely heavily on fundraising. This school year, our fundraising capabilities are limited due to the Capital Campaign, which will provide a new academic building for our students. Therefore, our Athletic Banner program is even more crucial than ever.

We have made a few changes to the Banner program in order to make it more efficient for the school and more rewarding for the sponsor. This year’s Banner program will have THREE options.

Our Athletic Department, as well as all of our student athletes, thanks you for your support. We truly appreciate everything you do for STA.

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